Poopy’s Crown Jewel

Poopy’s Crown Jewel

Here is Poopy’s Crown Jewel!  You can see this bike on display at Poopy’s Bar and Grill in Savannah, IL.  We used a Viper Racing Yellow paint color that came out on the 2010 Viper and printed it with a Hades pattern that is unmistakable.  You can join the trend by having your bike parts dipped at Aqua Print Solutions.  We are always looking to set the next trend in the area.  Bring your work in and lets create something truly unique.  With as many paint colors there are in the world and the list of patterns we offer….there is sure to be something we can create to set yourself above the status quo.

Poopy's Crown Jewel

– Poopy’s Crown Jewel                                          2013 Aqua Print Solutions©                        Water Transfer Printing

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