Camo Lock Kits…

Hot off the Press, Camo Lock Kits.  When Randy from Fenix Manufacturing came in and asked if we wanted to camo them I thought… Yes we love to do tiny parts that are hard to paint.  Take a look at how much room only two lock kits take up..  The best part is I haven’t even gone through the hard part of dipping them yet.

Aqua Print Solutions - Camo Lock Kits

Camo Lock Kits – Before The Camo

Camo Chandelier – What A Pain, But…

Fresh out of the tank is a wicked looking camo chandelier. This is the first chandelier that we have ever dipped. The guy brought this baby in and I just shook my head thinking, how in the world are we going to dip this. It was a nightmare to take a part.

We started out by taking it apart. Man was it a pain dipping each individual part but in the end it was REALLY worth it! How many times in my lifetime will I be able to say that I have even seen a camo chandelier, let alone creating one.

Water Transfer Printing - Camo Chandelier

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